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Our Logo

January, 2016

It's been over seven years since Hope Chapel was planted. Our initial logo design was done by a friend before we ever held a worship service, and certainly before we had put down roots and began to grow as a church community. Similarly, our tag line– "in the city, for the city"– was decided on as Todd and Michael developed the earliest version of a proposal for planting Hope Chapel. As we entered our 8th year of ministry, we decided that we wanted to take a fresh look at the logo and tag line, hoping to change them to better reflect who we are and what we want to be about. We wanted to offer some explaination about our process of making this change (we made the design changes in-house along with discussion with the session about the changes in verbaige).

The tag line, “in the city, for the city” has been great in terms of expressing our posture toward Greensboro (i.e. we are part of GSO and our posture is city-positive), but it didn’t say anything about who we are. Our new tag– "a gospel community for the flourishing of the city– gives more definition to our identity. We are centered around the Gospel, not only as individuals who have been redeemed by Christ, but our community itself is formed around this Good News. And this "new community" does not exist for itself, but in order to work for the flourishing of the city. We loved this word "flourishing" because it is evocative and comprehensive. It covers all of the areas that we speak often of– the spiritual, social, and cultural wellbeing of Greensboro. In short, we felt this new tag retains the positive posture toward the city while also saying something about who we are.

The image reflects these priorities as well. The symbols within the logo are somewhat abstract, so we wanted to offer some explaination here. The two main areas are:

Cross & Community: the basic concept is a cross (playing off our original celtic cross with the circle in the center). As a church, we felt that after being Gospel-centered, our greatest strength and distinctive is our people, our community. We wanted to express that, even in a somewhat abstract way. There are four “people” around the center of the logo (Fig. 1). Additionally, the leaf-patterns (Fig. 2) represent, in part, the gathering of a people around the center.

Growth & Flourishing: the leaves themsleves get at the idea of flourishing, growth. And they’re moving out... shown by the arrows on the outside ring (Fig. 3). We want to be a community centered around the Gospel, but moving out for the flourishing of our city and world. Green, of course, is the color of growth and newness. It’s also a nice tie to the name of our city.

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