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Project Hope

"The Bible describes the making of the the weaving of a garment. God turned chaos into a cosmos, and also turned a tangle into a tapestry....The fabric metaphor conveys the importance of relationship. If you throw thousands of pieces of thread onto a table, no fabric results. The threads must be rightly and intimately related to one another in literally a million ways. Just as rightly related physical elements form a cosmos or a tapestry, so rightly related human beings form a community. This interwovenness is what the Bible calls shalom, or harmonious peace."         Tim Keller, Generous Justice

At Hope Chapel, we are committed to partnering with local organizations to work for social renewal.  Through Project Hope, we serve church-wide on a quarterly basis, and as community groups monthly. In 2016, we began a Saturday morning food distribution program in partnership with Out of the Garden Project. Currently all of our community group rotate to facilitate this, with each group serving once per month.

If you are not in a community group and would like to be involved, we would love for you to join us any Saturday. Contact Michael Van Patter for more info.

We have a food pantry that we are always stocking. The following list of items is needed:

Protein sources:
- Tuna, salmon, etc
- Beef stew, spam, corned beef
- peanut butter (18oz)

Canned Veggies
- Greens, e.g. turnips, mixed vegitables
- Peas (green)
- Tomatoes, corn, green beans

Canned Fruit
- Peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, applesauce

Other items:
- Soups
- Sugar, 2lbs
- Dry milk
- Oatmeal, 18oz or ind packets
- Macaroni & cheese
- Bags of dry beans
- Rice, 1lb or larger bags