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Vision: The Purpose of the Hope Chapel Youth Ministry is to help our Covenant Children grow into the knowledge, love, and grace of Christ

Mission: The Hope Chapel Youth Ministry will do this with by (1). equipping parents to disciple and shepherd their students, (2). including students in and surrounding them with the family of faith, and (3). promoting Spiritual Disciplines in their everyday life.

The structure of our youth ministry is fairly simple:

-We organize events for all middle and high schoolers on a monthly basis during the school year and weekly throughout the summer.  These are intentionally fun and intended to foster a sense of community.  We love the kids to invite friends and introduce them to Hope Chapel.

-We seek to engage the youth in small group and individual discipleship – to encourage and challenge them to follow Jesus and to own their faith. Age-specific discipleship group meet twice a month during the school year.

We see this as but one piece of our kids’ experience of the gospel at Hope Chapel.  In addition to worship, service, community groups, and life with family, ministry specifically to the youth is meant to be yet another demonstration of Christ’s love for them and the city.

If you have questions or want to get involved (either as a youth or as a leader!), contact Daniel Northrup: