“All real education is the architecture of the soul”.

-William Bennett 

Hope Chapel is strategically located close to the campus of UNC-Greensboro in order to readily have a presence on the campus and to foster relationships with college students. At Hope we are passionate about impacting and integrating College Students into the wider body of Christ.

We believe that College students are an integral part of the family of God and we try and integrate them into everything that we do. Primarily, we want our college students to be a part of our Community Groups. We believe that they bring a passion and energy that is vital to the health and flourishing of our groups. Through the Community Groups, our College students take part in Serving Greensboro each month, fellowship, and all that Hope Chapel does.

We also host monthly/bi-monthly events for our College Students to fellowship together with one another. Though we want them to be a part of the wider body of Christ as much as possible, we also like to foster community within the students as well. We also have a summer ministry internship for College Students that we encourage students to apply to.

College Students can choose to become Members of Hope Chapel if they call Greensboro their home, or they can become Associate Members if they want to call Hope Chapel their church home while in school, still keeping their membership at the church in their hometown intact.

For more information about our College Ministry, contact Harrison Holbrook.