Our leadership set forth a theme for 2022: “Growing Intimacy with Christ”. Over the spring we focused on part 1, “Knowing Self” (links to lecture videos here). Our sermon series, The Greatest Song, explored the Old Testament book, the Song of Songs, and helped move us into our summer focus of “Knowing God.” In the fall we will shift focus to “Knowing God Together.”

Summer 2022

We’re inviting everyone at Hope to engage with a summer reading guide we’ve created that will begin on June 1st. Reading with this guide will take you through all the texts of the upcoming sermon series (based on the passages in the Jesus Storybook Bible), plus the Gospel of Luke, and the entire book of Psalms. It’s a significant undertaking, but we trust that the rhythm of regular Scripture reading will shape us as a community and as individuals. You can download the reading guide here.

Also look for a book table on Sunday mornings throughout the summer with several recommended titles and resources, including a book that we encourage everyone to read entitled “Knowing God.

In addition, we will be offering a Women’s Bible study this summer (more details to come), we have our weekly Men’s bible study that we encourage you to join, and Bible Study in the Park (more of an outreach emphasis started by a few Hope Chapel ladies).