Community Groups

Community groups are at the center of our life together at Hope Chapel. A typical group is about 10-20 people and multi-generational (kids are welcome in all groups!). They meet on Sunday evenings about 3 times a month to share a meal and then spend some time in prayer, Scripture study, and fellowship, and they serve together once a month.

See a map of where the groups generally meet here.


We are Sonya and Kenny Crawford and Helle and David Layton, empty nesters who enjoy filling our lives with family and community. Our group appreciates laid-back get-togethers centered around eating, sharing, and tackling deep questions (sometimes through wisdom and study but often through humor and humility). Our group consists of people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s,  50’s, and 60’s who are all seeking a clearer understanding of what it means to be followers of Christ.  


Our community group is comprised of people of all ages and stages. We enjoy gathering on Sunday evenings to share a meal and meaningful connection with one another. Whether it’s engaging our children or another adult, our ultimate goal is to point one another to Jesus as we walk through life’s circumstances and stages. We laugh, love, discuss, pray, play – it’s a pleasure being together. 


We are Harrison and Jordan Holbrook and Matt and Tiffany Gay who host a community group in the Hamilton Lakes and Starmount neighborhoods. We value relationships, growing in grace together and having fun. We desire to be a group that loves you well, sharing in the struggles and joys of daily life through the hope of the gospel. We meet on Sunday evenings to share a meal, discuss, pray, laugh and play together.

Isenhour/Kale/Van Patter

We are Sabrina Isenhour, Griffin & Erin Kale, and Hannah and Michael Van Patter.  Our group is a neighborhood-based group that consists mainly of those that live in the Lindley Park and Highland Park West area.  

We hope to experience something of the “kingdom to come” as we live, pray, eat, serve, play, and study the scriptures together. Our desire is to create a space that is both safe and welcoming. We are a mix of singles and families and would love some “older” folks to give us an even broader representation of the church family!


We are Micah and Virginia O’Hare, Ben and Nadia Cooper, and Emmett and Molly Richardson. We meet primarily in the western part of Greensboro and our group mainly consists of married couples, but we would love to add other families and single people to have an intergenerational group that reflects God’s kingdom. We value spending time together, sharing meals, praying for one another and talking about how Jesus makes a difference in our daily lives. Our desire is that this group would provide connection, care and encouragement, both relationally and spiritually. 


We are Dan and Jeanne Reppert. In our Community Group, we value our meals together every week, we value sharing our stories with one another, and we value everyone’s opinion. We are both seminary graduates with backgrounds in ministry, human services and education, yet our group is for everyone, and we follow the trail blazed by our founders, role models, and leaders for the previous 11 years, the Osbornes.

Most weeks, we discuss the content of the sermon from that day, thinking more deeply about the passage and topic and trying to understand how it applies in and to our lives. We welcome young children, college age folks, young couples, and not-so-young couples (ie, empty nesters). We meet around the Guilford College/West Market/West Wendover area.


We are Brian and Jenny Riker and Josh and Christy Marsh.  Our community group currently ranges from families with young kids and high-schoolers to fellow empty nesters.  We’d love to add some college students or other young singles, but are open to folks of all ages and backgrounds.  We value fellowship, authenticity, and growing in Christ.  We meet in the NW Greensboro area.


We are Haven & Jon Sink, Holden Ehlinger, and Kendra and Kaz Adachi and together we lead a group that meets primarily in Northwest Greensboro. Our group consists mostly of young families and young professionals – we would love to have some older families and singles join us as well!


Hansel and Mariana Ponte have been attending Hope Chapel for over 10 years and have two sons, Leo (15) and Fernando (13).  Daniel and Amanda Strayer have lived in Greensboro over 15 years and have two daughters, Darby (12) and Eleanor (8).  Their group consists mostly of families with children, and would love to have more older or younger singles join to glean the wisdom from all of life’s stages.  We value intentional community and fun.  We also place a priority on serving those within Hope Chapel as well as others in our greater Greensboro community. We meet primarily in the Northwest Greensboro area on Sunday evenings.  


We are Janet Holbrook and Braxton and Shelley Towery. Our group values growing in Christ together as we share our lives with one another. We have a mixture of families with young children, newly-married and singles. Our hope is that this group would be an encouragement and blessing to you and your family. We meet on Sunday evenings and we enjoy sharing a meal together, talking about the sermon, praying for one another, serving together and having fun!


We are a group that primarily meets in the Westridge Rd area. We value friendship, community, Bible-study, and prayer. We are looking forward to adding new members, would love to have singles and also any new people to Hope Chapel who would like to check out a community group.